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This is Andrew Woods' fault. I hadn't seen Andrew for nearly ten years when he came up to me at a hotel in Norwich in 2013. "Is that you Graeme" he said, "the Mult-Hy man. I always remember you dressed as Ali G". Wow, that took me back. So somebody did used to read my old newsletters after all. And that's where the idea came from for this particular part of the website. So, if you can be bothered to scroll through some of our old marketing efforts below then you might find out what Andrew was talking about. To be fair it's not that good. But Andrew remembered it.

Oil and gas efficiency drive grows hire business for bolting company

A growing trend for oil ad gas companies to train staff to use hire equipment for work previously contracted out is increasing business for an expanding supply company.

Young staff bolster tool company's future

A growing specialist tool company is putting its faith in local young talent as it expands its staff.

Growing Gee-Force sets up in Renewables Hub as it pushes East

Bolting specialists Gee-Force Hydraulics is continuing its expansion on the East coast by taking tenancy in the hub at the offshore wind "centre of gravity".

Businesses back town's football team ambitions

Gee-Force and Alatas UK are backing Great Yarmouth Town Football Club with financial support for the 2018/2019 season.

Growing bolting specialist appoints new Sales Engineer to build southern business

48-hour mobilisation puts Gee-Force in front

UK's Strongest Man brings power to Norwich energy event

Bolting specialist welcomes sixth former intern

Sixth former Owen Napthine spent 20 days with Gee-Force on the East Coast Energy internship programme.

Leading bolting specialist supplies equipment to giant heavy lift vessel in Gibraltar

Some nice words from our good client Alatas who maintain ship, offshore and mobile cranes across the globe.

First apprentice for growing company in record turnover year

It's all about Kyle as we took on our first apprentice to help meet the growing demand for equipment out of our Great Yarmouth office.

Gee-Force extends on-the-spot service to offshore wind

Focusing on Norbar's new EvoTorque2 wrench, this was the first of a new style press release and format.

Wind Energy Network Article

Great article about our attendance at EEEGR's SNS2015 conference and exhibition. Still not sure what charismatic with capital "K" means though.

Powerful Stuff - Hydraulic Cylinders

We like this one. There is one helluva lot of lifting power in this particular image.

Powerful Stuff - Torque Multiplier

But now he's getting a bit confused. What the hell is this? It's a torque multiplier Laurence. 1/2" sq.dr. input at one end and a 1" sq.dr. output at the other. Nice!

Powerful Stuff - EvoTorque

You can see that Laurence is getting into the swing of things now with Norbar's new electronic EvoTorque wrench. Looking mean!

Powerful Stuff - Limited Clearance Wrench

Number 2 of 5. Laurence looking serious. He hadn't time to get fed up yet with photographer Andy "FordyFourEyes" Ford. We did make it up to him with a huge steak meal for two (obviously just for Laurence) at Bertram's Restaurant in Burnley later that evening!

Powerful Stuff - Hydraulic Torque Wrench

This is the first of five new posters we've done as part of our Powerful Stuff campaign in 2015. Campaign? Who I am trying to kid. We're still playing at it!

Wind Energy Network Publication October 2014

Nice article about us in the above publication. We're in good company too with the likes of Norbar Torque Tools, HTL, Equalizer International and Hytorc also featured in the Bolting, Torquing & Tensioner feature (not that we're showing you their articles!).

TWHC50 Press Release 02/06/2014

SPX Bolting Systems announces the arrival of the new TWHC50, a 2 1/2" sq.dr. wrench with a maximum torque output of 53,000 ft.lbs.

Laurence Shahlaei

Unless You're Britains Strongest Man.

Laurence Shahlaei

20,000 Nm of Turning Force in Your Hands.

Laurence Shahlaei

10 Tons of Lifting Force in Your Hands.

Laurence Shahlaei

18 Tons of Spreading Force in Your Hands.

Torque Talk - May 2013

We resurrected our Torque Talk newsletter in 2013 to coincide with the first anniversary of our establishing premises in Great Yarmouth.


We knocked up this leaflet/brochure ready for EEEGR's SNS2013 exhibition in March 2013. Having had hundreds of the buggers printed, we then moved premises thus rendering the address details out of date!

Article EEEGR News May 2013

This really is worth looking at, not for any other reason than SPX Territory Manager Ian Harris looks incredibly uncomfortable in the half crouch position. He reckons he had a bad back but we are thinking something much more embarrassing!

EEEGR Member of the Year Nomination 2013

Exciting times! 4NRg won the accolade but the voting was really close, incredibly close, recount needed and all that. Probably.

Mechanical Joint Integrity - Poster

Bolting competency training. We run regular ECITB accredited training courses at our Great Yarmouth base.


When it comes to goodie give-aways, we have always liked coasters because they will usually end up on someone's desk. Our first coaster was designed so that it resembled a bolting tag. Unfortunately, it was so well designed that most people didn't recognise it as being a coaster!

Museum Restoration

In 2010 we were asked to supply a cost-effective solution for the pre-stressing of steel beams to support the new entrance and inner walls of the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Check out the PDF for more information.

Torque Talk - January 2004

I got a bit picture post card saucy on this one with some views on hydraulic tensioning which I might not entirely go along with nowadays. But there again I did work for a hydraulic torque wrench manufacturer at the time.

Torque Talk - June 2003

This Newsletter concentrated on ECITB accredited bolting competency training, as valid then as it is now.

Torque Talk - Cement Special April 2003

This newsletter concentrated on equipment supplied to Castle Cement in Clitheroe, Lancashire.

Torque Talk - January 2003

My favourite amongst the original Torque Talk newsletters with no "F" in Torque Wrench and Ali G.

Torque Talk - October 2002

We managed to get some good testimonials for put on this newsletter.

Torque Talk - July 2002

Bit of nudge nudge wink wink in this one!

Torque Talk - May 2002

I was on a bit of a roll by now with regular newsletters going out, albeit not always a great deal to talk about!

Torque Talk - March 2002

These early newsletters certainly have room for improvement. However the formatting of these old MS Publisher files has also caused some of the font and narrative not to display properly.

Torque Talk - December 2001

I obviously didn't have much to spend on this effort. Still printing the newsletters at home and this file designed to be a half page special!

Torque Talk - November 2001

Pay for this bit, and get all these bits!

Torque Talk - October 2001

Tried to go big on the health and safety angle with this particular edition.

Torque Talk - July 2001

Thirteen years down the line and I can only think that I'd had a bit too much sun when i knocked up this particular newsletter.

Torque Talk - May 2001

Concentrating on the (then) brand new Hytorc Nut.

Torque Talk - March 2001

Its for charity mate!

Torque Talk - December 2000

My first ever newsletter.

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