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Hand Torque Wrenches and Multipliers

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Superior quality hand torque wrenches and multipliers by Norbar Torque Tools.

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Industrial Hand Torque Wrenches

The industrial range of torque wrenches are Norbar's most robust, giving accurate results to +/-4% even in arduous working conditions.
Models are available to cover 100 Nm to 2000 Nm and can be supplied as adjustable or pre-set 'P' Type models. A Torque Handle version is also available to cover 130 - 550 N·m.

Professional 650 Series Hand Torque Wrench

The Model 650 Professional Torque Wrenches have an accuracy of +/-3% of reading and are non length dependent, meaning that an extension handle may be used to reduce operator effort. Models available to cover 130 - 1500 Nm.

Model 650 can also be supplied as a torque handle

Handtorque Multipliers HT3 & HT4

HT3 provides 5:1 multiplication up to 2700 Nm.
HT4 provides 15.5:1 multiplication up to 4500 Nm.

Handtorque Compact Series HT52 & HT72 Multipliers

For applications where compact size and weight are critical. Multiplication ranges from 4.5:1 up to 27:1 and maximum torque outputs range from 1000 Nm up to 2000 Nm.

Handtorque Compact Series HT92 & HT119 Multipliers

For applications where compact size and weight are critical. Provides 25: 1 multiplication with maximum torque outputs 4000 Nm and 7000 Nm.

Handtorque Small Diameter Series HT30 & HT60 Multipliers

Handtorque models HT30 and 60 have all the features of the Standard Series but have a higher torque output for a given gearbox diameter.

Handtorque Standard series

High ratios allow the use of a small torque wrench. Can be used where access is limited. Anti Wind-Up Ratchet available on models of 25:1 ratio and above. Maximum torque ranges from 1700 Nm up to 47,500 Nm. Other models available up to 300,000 Nm.
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